Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get The Beauty With The Sun Block

You often make the activity under the blazing sun is surely forget Sun Block, but I still see the dark skin help?. Actually easy, follow the right way put Sun block.

1. Sun block wearing the skin dry at least 20-30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. The goal is to provide opportunities Sunblock diffluent and give maximum protection to the skin.

2. Use Sun Block more in the face of often sun exposure

3. Do not forget to sign Sunblock, even on a cloudy day. Repeat it every hour if you are swimming or sweating. The Sun have some kind of block that are not waterproof waterproof.

4. Hair also needs a guardian because the hair is exposed to more sun exposure tends to be dry and dull. Get the mild sensation with conditioner containing protective rayhes.

5. Hold this rule: avoid the sun, even when you put Sun block, between 10 o'clock am to 4pm. If you exit the room, always wearing hats and masks.


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